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The Eighth Conference of the
Association for Machine Translation
in the Americas

Waikiki, Hawai'i
Conference Home Page Hilton Prince Kuhio Hotel, Waikiki, Hawai'i
October 21-25, 2008

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Experts in translation software from around the world will gather in Waikiki, Hawaii for the eighth biennial conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas -- AMTA 2008.

The conference includes educational events for people who are interested in how companies and government organizations use translation software in practical, real world settings. There are courses, workshops, and presentations from researchers, from developers, and from users of translation software in business and in government.
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 AMTA 2008 papers & presentations are now available on line

       The Table of Contents of the Proceedings is here, with links to the papers.

       Additional papers or presentations not in the Proceedings are:
               Can MT really help the Department of Defense? -- Nicholas Bemish (Defense Intelligence Agency)
               The Hawaiian Language: Background and Potential -- Keao NeSmith (University of Hawai'i, Manoa)
               Large-scale deployment of statistical machine translation: Example Microsoft -- Chris Wendt (Microsoft)

        Recipes for Success - Ingredients of Stable and Productive MT Deployments (Tuesday Workshop):
               Workshop Agenda
               Workflow Integration at PAHO (J. Aymerich)
               Languages for MT (D. Barber)
               GPHIN (M. Blench)
               Video Monitoring (F. Humphrey)
               Levels of Automation (C. Simmons)
               Customization with Language NOW (NLP Swift Action Team)

        Metrics MATR - Metrics for Machine Translation Challenge (Saturday Workshop):
               Abhaya Agarwal & Alon Lavie.
                    METEOR, M-BLEU and M-TER: Flexible Matching and Parameter Tuning for High-Correlation
                    with Human Judgments of Machine Translation Quality.
               Yee Seng Chan & Hwee Tou Ng.
                    MAXSIM: An Automatic Metric for Machine Translation Evaluation Based on Maximum Similarity.
               David Chiang & Steve De Neefe.
                    USC/ISI Metric Description. BLEU-SBP and 4-GRR.
               Jesús Giménez & Lluís Márquez.
                    The UPC Participation at the Metrics MATR Challenge 2008.
               Nizar Habash & Ahmed Elkholy.
                    SEPIA: Surface Span Extension to Syntactic Dependency Precision-based MT Evaluation.
               Jeremy G. Kahn, Mary Ostendorf, & Brian Roark.
                    Automatic Syntactic MT Evaluation with Expected Dependency Pair Match.
               Gregor Leusch & Hermann Ney.
                    BLEUSP, INVWER, CDER: Three improved MT evaluation measures.
               Sebastian Padó, Michael Galley, Dan Jurafsy, & Chris Manning.
                    Evaluating MT output with entailment technology.
               Steven Parker.
                    A New Machine Translation Metric.
               Matthew Snover, Nitin Madnani, Bonnie Dorr, & Richard Schwartz.
                    TERp System Description.
               Stephen Tratz & Eduard Hovy.
                    BEwT-E. Basic Elements with Transformations for Evaluation.
               Bo Wang, Tiejun Zhao, Muyun Yang, & Sheng Li.
                    A SVM Regression Based Skip-Ngram Approach to MT Evaluation.
               Billy Tak-Ming Wong & Chunyu Kit.
                    Word Choice and Word Position for Automatic MT Evaluation.
               Muyun Yang, Shuqi Sun, Jufeng Li, Sheng Li, & Zhao Tiejun.
                    A Linguistically Motivated MT Evaluation System Based on SVM Regression.

        Some photos of AMTA 2008 by Ralf Brown (CMU) are here.

 Important dates

30 June, 2008   -   PAST   Final submission deadline for AMTA papers, presentations, and proposals.
11 August, 2008   -   PAST   Notification to authors.
30 August, 2008   -   PAST   Camera-ready copy due for the Proceedings. Send them to:
14 September, 2008   -   PAST   Last day for Early Registration.
12 October, 2008   -   PAST   Last day for Late Registration.
20 - 21 October, 2008   -     IWSLT 2008 workshop.
21 - 25 October, 2008   -     AMTA 2008 Conference.
25 October, 2008   -     NIST Workshop.
25 - 27 October, 2008   -     EMNLP Conference.

 What's new

24 September 2008:

Laurie Gerber interviewed about AMTA 2008 on Hawaiian National Public Radio

Listen to the Bytemarks Cafe program with her interview by downloading the MP3 file here. Listen carefully: it sounds like one interviewer asks about the Association for Marine Translation... ; )

12 September 2008:

Check your hotel reservations at the Prince Kuhio

You don't need to use the AMTA group rate at the hotel.
Check for a better rate on the hotel web site without specifying the AMTA group code.
You can log on and change your rate. The hotel will count your stay for our quota at whatever rate you can find.

20 August 2008:

Last date for Submission of Camera-ready versions for the Proceedings is August 30

Please send your camera-ready versions of your papers by August 30. Use the formatting templates available on this page along the left margin and submit the final version in pdf format. User Presentations and Keynotes can alternatively be submitted in PowerPoint fomat, with a maximum of 20 slides for publication.
Thank you for your submissions.

See previous news postings here.


AMTA's mission is to bring together and promote discussion between
researchers, developers, and users of machine translation and related translation technologies.

For AMTA 2008, we are offering a wide array of up-to-date content about translation automation:

  • first-rate research that defines the cutting edge of future translations systems,
  • case studies on practical uses of current translation systems in government and industry,
  • panel discussions of issues that affect everyone interested in translation automation,
  • a showcase of current and future translation technologies and products.
  • in-depth tutorials on specific topics in research and use of translation automation,
  • specialized workshops on topics of current interest,
  • co-located workshops, such as the International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation,
  • social events to promote discussion between all of the attendees,
  • and many other events.

    For more information, please contact:
    Mike Dillinger ( ), Conference Chair.

    Submission details and other information about the conference will be available soon!

    Come to join us to:

    • Hear about first-rate, cutting edge MT research
    • Hear how current users are solving problems by using MT
    • See an exhibition and demonstration of
      • commercial MT and translation tools
      • research prototypes
      • US government translation technology deployments
    • Have fun!
    Last updated: 1 August, 2008