Accepted Research Papers & User Studies

Title Author(s)
Experimental Comparison of MT Evaluation Methods: RED vs. BLEU Y. Akiba, E. Sumita, H. Nakaiwa, S. Yamamoto, H.G. Okuno
Translation Selection for Japanese-English Noun-Noun Compounds Tanaka & Baldwin
A Hybrid Approach to Deriving Selectional Preferences A. Bernth and M. McCord
Evaluation of A Method of Creating New Valency Entries Alternations F. Bond and S. Fujita
Reducing Boundary Friction Using Translation-Fragment Overlap R. Brown, R. Hutchinson, P. Bennett, J.G. Carbonell, P. Jansen
Communicative Strategies and Patterns of Multimodal Integration in a Speech-to-Speech Translation System S. Burger, E. Costantini, F. Pianesi
Syntax-based Language Models for Statistical Machine Translation E. Charniak, K. Knight, K. Yamada
A Fine-grained Evaluation Framework for Machine Translation System Development N. Correa
Combining decision trees and transformation-based learning to correct transferred linguistic representations S. Corston-Oliver and M. Gamon
Correlating Automated and Human Assessments of Machine Translation Quality D. Coughlin
The Limits of N-gram Translation Evaluation Metrics C. Culy and S. Riehemann
An Algorithm for Word-level Alignment of Parallel Dependency Trees Y. Ding, D. Gildea, M. Palmer
A Hybrid Approach to Word Order Transfer in English-to-Vietnamese Machine Translation D. Dien, N.L.T. Ngan, D.X. Quang and V.C.Nam
BTL: A Hybrid Model for English-Vietnamese Machine Translation D. Dien,  H. Kiem and E. Hovy
Effectiveness of Automatic Extraction of Bilingual Collocations Using Recursive Chain-link-type Learning H. Echizenya, K. Araki, Y. Momouchi, K. Tochinai
Statistical Machine Translation: Rapid Development with Limited Resources G. Foster, S. Gandrabur, P. Langlais, G. Russell, M. Simard
The Functionality of a Tool bar for Post-edition in Machine Translation between languages with linguistic interference: The Spanish-Galician Case A. Sayáns Gómez and E. Villar Conde
Transliteration Considering Context Information Based on the Maximum Entropy Method I. Goto, N. Kato, N. Uratani, T. Ehara
Controlled Generation in Example-Based Machine Translation N. Gough and A. Way
Identification of Divergence for English to Hindi EBMT D. Gupta and N. Chatterjee
Matador: A Large-Scale Spanish-English GHMT System N. Habash
A Simple Multilingual Machine Translation System J. Hajic, P. Homola, V. Kubon
Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Data-Oriented Translation M. Hearne and A. Way
A Unified Statistical Model for Generalized Translation Memory System J-X. Huang, W. Wang, M. Zhou
Has machine translation improved? Some historical comparisons J. Hutchins
Testing "Prompt": The Development of a Rapid Post-Editing Service at CLS Corporate Language Services C. Hyland
Lexical Knowledge Representation with Contextonyms H. Ji, S. Ploux, E. Wehrli
Multilingual Translation via Annotated Hub Language H. Kanayama and H. Watanabe
Acquisition of Bilingual MT Lexicons from OCRed Dictionaries B. Karagol-Ayan, D. Doermann, B. Dorr
Building a Parallel Corpus for Monologue with Clause Alignment H. Kashioka, T. Maruyama, H. Tananka
FEMTI: Creating and Using a Framework for MT Evaluation M. King, A. Popescu-Belis, E. Hovy
Practical Pattern-based Machine Translation System Allowing Complex Patterns M. Kitamura and T. Murata
A Novel String-to-string Distance Measure with Applications to Machine Translation Evaluation G. Leusch, N. Ueffing, H. Ney
Scalability in MT Systems E. Maier and A. Clarke
Source Language Diagnostics for MT T. Mitamura, K. Baker, D. Svoboda, E. Nyberg
Resolving 'Incognito' Ellipsis S. Nariyama
Predictive Models of Performance in Multi-Engine Machine Translation T. Nomoto
Rapid Response Machine Translation for Unexpected Languages D. Oard and F. Och
Translation of News Headlines K. Ono
Collocation Extraction for Machine Translation B. Orliac and M. Dillinger
On the Use of Statistical Machine Translation Techniques with a Memory-based Translation System (AMETRA) D. Ortíz, I. García-Varea, F. Casacuberta, A. Lagarda, J. González
An Experiment in Comparative Evaluation: humans vs. computers A. Popescu-Belis
Automatic Identification of Document Translations in Large Multilingual Document Collections B. Pouliquen, R. Steinberger, A. Ribeiro, C. Ignat
Word Sense Discovery Based on Sense Descriptor Dissimilarity R. Rapp
For the Proper Treatment of Long Sentences in a Sentence Pattern-based English-Korean MT System Y-H. Roh, M. Hong, S-K. Choi, K-Y. Lee, S-K. Park
Disambiguation of English PP-Attachment using Multilingual Aligned Data L. Schwartz, T. Aikawa, C. Quirk
XML Machine Translation J. Senellart, C. Boitet, L. Romary
SYSTRAN Intuitive Coding Technology J. Senellart, J. Yang, A. Rebollo
Example-based Rough Translation for Speech-to-speech Translation M. Shimohata, E. Sumita, Y. Matsumoto
High quality machine translation using automatic sentence realization M. Smets, M. Gamon, J. Pinkham, T. Reutter, M. Pettenaro
Evaluating Commercial Spoken Language Translation Software H. Somers and Y. Sugita
Evaluation of Machine Translation Using Maximum Matching J. Turian and I.D. Melamed
Confidence Measures for Statistical Machine Translation N. Ueffing, K. Macherey, H. Ney
English Adverbial NPs of Time in Machine Translation G. L. Ugray and G. Ujvárosi
The CMU Statistical Machine Translation System S. Vogel, Y. Zhang, F. Huang, A. Venugopal, B. Zhao, A. Tribble, M. Eck, A. Waibel
Example-based Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation T. Watanabe and E. Sumita
Automatic Predicate Argument Structure Analysis of the Penn Chinese Treebank N. Xue and S. Kulick
Improving Translation Models by Applying Asymmetric Learning S. Yamada, M. Nagata, K. Yamada
Customizing Complex Lexical Entries for High-Quality MT R. Zajac, E. Lange, J. Yang

Accepted System Presentations

Title Author(s)
Language Weaver: The Next Generation of Machine Translation B. Benjamin, L. Gerber, K. Knight, D. Marcu
The JHU 2003 Chinese-English Machine Translation System W. Byrne, S. Khudanpur. W. Kim, S. Kumar, P. Pecina, P. Virga, P. Xu, D. Yarowsky
SYSTRAN Review Manager J-C. Costa and C. Panissod
MultiTrans D. Gervais
A Multi-Language Translation Example Browser I. Goto, N. Kato, N. Uratani, T. Ehara, T. Kumano, H. Tanaka
Matador: Online Spanish-English GHMT N. Habash
CatVar: A Database of Categorial Variations for English N. Habash and B. Dorr
PARS/H: an English<=>Dutch Machine Translation System E. Kool, A. Kursin, A. Rakova, M. Blekhman
A System for Japanese/English/Korean Multilingual Patent Retrieval M. Makita. S. Higuchi, A. Fujii, T. Ishikawa
Implementation of Collaborative Translation Environment : Yakushite Net T. Murata, M. Kitamura, T. Sukehiro
LTC Communicator P. Nozay and A. Rinsche
An Integrated System for Source Language Checking, Analysis and Term Management E. Nyberg, T. Mitamura, D. Svoboda, J. Ko, K. Baker, J. Micher
MATS - A Glass Box Machine Translation System A. Sĺgvall Hein, E. Forsbom, P. Weijnitz, E. Gustavii, J. Tiedemann
AnglaHindi: An English to Hindi Machine-Aided Translation System R.M.K. Sinha and A. Jain
The Comprendium Translation System G. Thurmair and J. Alonso
TransType2 A.S. Valderrábanos
Word Translation in Context E. Wehrli